Some Mind Melting facts on Social Media

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Social Media Marketing

Chances are by now, you are one of the billions of people that are on Facebook and most likely if you are reading this article, have several, perhaps too many, Social Media accounts. So now what? Likes. Followers. Connections. Great!  But what about Dollars?? The ‘billion dollar’ question: ‘How do I leverage this incredible technology and massive virtually unlimited customer database for my business?’

The answer has more to do with your business than you probably realize. You may have signed up for Facebook just because everyone else started signing up, and continue to post and share the same rather meaningless ‘stuff’ that’s quite frankly just a wast of time. Hey, we all get caught up in it (and no, your kids are not meaningless) but better start to focus on business. You need to: get organized, feature business related content, set a schedule,  be consistent . Essentially, you need a Marketing Plan / Strategy.

Think of all these Social Media sites as tools, and your business is your ‘project’ or what needs fixing. Do you just reach in the tool box and start grabbing various tools hoping to find the right one, or do you look for and get the right tool based on the job? The problem of course is knowing which “tool” to use, so you better take some time to learn about the various Social Media sites you sign up with, or hire someone who does. For example: Yelp and Google have greater value for professional services or retail; Instagram or Pinterest if you model, cut hair, in the food or travel industry, Youtube for music & film, Facebook for branding and product launches, etc. Before long you may wind up with a full Social Media “toolbox” but not just because “it’s the latest thing out there.”

Bottom line, Social Media Marketing can be extremely effective but you need to:

  1. Consider your business needs first.
  2. Evaluate and really understand the differences between Social Media sites
  3. Develop and implement an overall Marketing Plan.

Still not convinced you need social media for your business ? Here’s an article on Seven Reasons Your Small Business Should Use Social Media.

Now, what did social media take over as the Number One activity on the Web?